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Joseph Shakur

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1 Joseph Shakur on Sun Oct 16, 2011 12:28 pm


Gang leader name: Joseph Shakur ( im not LSPD leader longer i dont know why)

Leader lvl: 5

Season One follows Chicago Police detective Lt. Mike Torello (Dennis Farina) and his pursuit of organized crime from Chicago to Las Vegas, circa 1963-64. At the beginning of the series Torello is the head of the Major Crimes Unit (MCU), a squad of hard-boiled cops from the old school that includes Sgt. Danny Krychek (Bill Smitrovich), Det. Walter Clemmons (Paul Butler), Det. Nate Grossman (Steve Ryan) and Det. Joey Indelli (Bill Campbell).
At the center of Torello's crosshairs is rising young mobster Ray Luca (Anthony Denison). Initially Luca is an independent thief and killer whose crew, which includes Pauli Taglia (John Santucci) and Frank Holman (Ted Levine), specializes in robberies, burglaries and home invasions.
Through his connection to Chicago crime boss Phil Bartoli (Jon Polito), Luca catches the attention of national crime figure Manny Weisbord (Joseph Wiseman), a character inspired by the legendary gangster Meyer Lansky. Luca impresses Weisbord with his desire to leave the streets and move up in the management ranks of organized crime.
Luca convinces Weisbord and Bartoli of his plan to take over the Las Vegas bookmaking operation of Noah Ganz (Raymond Serra). He is told to negotiate a deal, but instead instigates the theft of Ganz's gambling book. When a crime war threatens to break out with Ganz's organization, Weisbord and Bartoli order Luca to clean up his mess. In typical fashion Luca solves the problem by massacring Ganz and his thugs.
Torello finally manages to get a murder indictment against Luca. Meanwhile, Frank Holman has made a deal with U.S. attorney Harry Breitel (Ray Sharkey) to provide information about the mob in exchange for immunity. Among his lies is a made-up story that he paid off Chicago cop Mike Torello.
At a bar Luca casually asks straight-laced lawyer David Abrams (Stephen Lang), whose father once had mob connections, for advice. That advice leads Luca to subpoena Torello to testify for the defense at his trial. Abrams is furious when he discovers the result of his conversation with Luca. Luca is set free and Torello finds himself being investigated by Breitel and the feds for corruption.
When Luca learns that David Abrams has taken a job as a Justice Dept attorney, he worries that Abrams will now come after him. He orders Abrams killed -- but by mistake the car bomb intended for the lawyer kills Abrams's father instead.
Manny Weisbord sends Ray Luca to Las Vegas with the assignment of taking over the casinos. Luca takes along his dim-witted but brutally violent sidekick Paul Taglia to be his muscle.
The corruption investigation against Torello is dropped and federal prosecutor Breitel is taken off of the case. Justice Dept Assistant Attorney Gen Patrick Hallahan (Jann Wenner) then offers Torello the chance to head up a new federal Organized Crime Strike Force to root out mob activities in Las Vegas. To assist him on the prosecutorial side he will be aided by Justice Dept attorney David Abrams.
In Vegas, Ray Luca sets about a takeover of the casinos in his usual violent, thuggish manner, which includes the murder of the resort-workers union leader. Luca soon becomes so drunk with his own sense of power and invincibility that he alienates those around him. When he brutally rapes Pauli Taglia's girlfriend, Taglia turns against his former boss and implicates Luca in the union leader's killing to Torello's Strike Force.
Luca goes on trial for murder, but cleverly orchestrates a mistrial by tampering with the jury and making sure the judge learns about it. Luca is then released on bail pending a new trial. Afterward Luca apologizes to Pauli Taglia, and the two are reconciled.
Luca tries to force casino owner Nat Martino to sell out his interest, but Martino's refusal threatens a mob war. Weisbord orders Luca to make peace, but instead the hot-headed Luca murders Martino. Torello and his cops witness the killing, and a shootout results. Luca is pursued through the neon Vegas streets and shot, but is rescued by Pauli Taglia. The two escape into the desert in Taglia's car. The wounded Luca wakes up in an isolated desert shack thinking he is safe, only to discover that he and Taglia are in a restricted government nuclear test area. The season ends with the A-bomb exploding and presumably obliterating Luca and Taglia.

In Season Two, Torello and his cops are shocked when Ray Luca and Pauli Taglia reappear in Las Vegas alive and well... and even more shocked to learn that the U.S. government has made a secret deal with Luca and given him immunity in exchange for his cooperation.
Assistant Attorney General Hallahan tells Torello that elements within the government have made a marriage of convenience for their own political agenda. If they continue their pursuit of Luca, they will be operating without official sanction and he warns them to be careful.
Despite Luca's outward appearance of propriety, Torello is convinced the gangster chieftain is anything but. When the Strike Force puts him under surveillance, Luca goes to court to get a restraining order. Attorney David Abrams argues that Luca's history of violence justifies the surveillance, but his personal vendetta against Luca for his father's death becomes obvious, and the judge grants the injunction.
Torello and his men aren't the only ones angered by Luca's return to Las Vegas. His abrupt reappearance doesn't sit well with former underling Max Goldman (Andrew Dice Clay) and casino manager Steve Kordo (Jay O. Sanders). In Luca's absence they now run the mob's Vegas casino interests, and despite Luca's assurances that he has no intention of pushing them out, they feel threatened. Publicly they welcome him back with open smiles, but privately they begin to plot against him. Kordo tries to hire a hitman (William Hanhardt) to kill Luca, but is warned that the Outfit wants Luca alive because he is too valuable to its operations.
David Abrams is so embittered by the failure of the justice system he believes in that he resigns from the Justice Dept. Though he says he is leaving Las Vegas, Torello discovers he actually intends to kill Luca. Torello and Krychek rush to Luca's house just in time to prevent the killing. Luca thanks Torello, but the cop says he did it for David Abrams.
Abrams descends into a haze of alcohol and drugs. Luca finds him high on peyote and tells him it was Chicago crime boss Phil Bartoli who ordered the hit on Abrams's father. He tells Abrams he was born to be part of the Outfit and offers him a job as his personal lawyer if he ever wants to clean himself up. Soon after, to the Strike Force's disbelief, Abrams shows up at Luca's door and takes the job.
When Luca's criminal mentor Manny Weisbord is stricken by a heart attack and lies near death, Luca flies an internationally known South African surgeon to Las Vegas to secretly perform the first heart transplant -- with a heart from a murder victim supplied by Pauli Taglia.
With Weisbord lying near death, Max Goldman and Steve Kordo meet to discuss their uncertain future. Concerned Luca will take them both out if the old man dies, Goldman argues for killing Luca preemptively and insists Kordo is the only one who can get close enough to do it.
What they don't know is that Torello's men have them wired and have overheard their plot. Torello tells Goldman that Luca's patron saint Manny Weisbord is now expected to live, which means any hit on Luca is a bad idea. Goldman races to Luca's penthouse and throws Kordo out a window before he can shoot Luca. Afterward, Torello makes it clear that he now expects Goldman to be his snitch.
The murder of a reporter writing a story about Ray Luca leads the Strike Force to discover the truth about Luca's secret activities. Luca has made a deal with the U.S. military to smuggle weapons out of the country to revolutionary causes the government secretly supports. In exchange, the military turns a blind eye to the fact that Luca is smuggling narcotics into the U.S. from Mexico and Asia.
With this evidence, Assistant Attorney General Hallahan convinces Congress to convene hearings to investigate the unholy alliance between the U.S. government and organized crime. But just as Luca is testifying, the hearings are adjourned because of a national emergency: North Vietnam has attacked a U.S. warship in the Gulf of Tonkin. Hallahan gets a warrant for Luca's arrest anyway, but Luca flees the country with Pauli Taglia and Max Goldman before it can be served, headed for Latin America. Hallahan gives Torello's Strike Force his blessing to pursue Luca onto foreign soil, but warns that outside the U.S. their badges will mean nothing.
In a small banana republic, Luca sets up a new base of operations for his international criminal empire, buying off politicians, military and police with the mob's money. Unable to have Luca extradited, the Strike Force attacks Luca's drug lab in the jungle. Furious at Torello's interference once again, Luca orders the president to have him arrested. The president refuses -- and Luca promptly shoots him dead and installs a new president better to his liking.
In a confrontation between the Strike Force and the police, Krychek is captured and thrown into a hellhole of a prison. Torello and the others stage a rescue. Luca decides to rid himself of this thorn in his side once and for all, and orders Torello killed.
In the dead of night Torello meets with his secret source inside Luca's organization: it is David Abrams, whose sellout to Luca has all been an act. Abrams warns Torello about the planned hit and also reveals the location of a major drug shipment. When the Strike Force captures the narcotics, Luca concludes that Abrams is an informant. He offers to trade Abrams to Torello for the shipment. The trade is made -- but Torello's men have planted explosives on the drugs, and the shipment is blown up.
An assassin attempts to kill Torello, but Abrams is badly wounded instead. While Clemmons and Indelli race Abrams to a doctor, Torello and the others pursue Luca to an airfield, where he, Taglia and Goldman are about to leave the country. Torello, Krychek and Grossman manage to board the plane as it is taking off. In the ensuing airborne fight, Taglia shoots the pilot, causing the plane to plummet into the ocean below. The final shot is an explosion of waves caused by the plane's impact, with the fate of the cops and criminals unknown.
Unfortunately, the show was cancelled after this season, ending on yet another cliffhanger.

Rank 1 skin: 98
Rank 2 skin: 112 and 111
Rank 3 skin: 124
Rank 4 skin: 125
rank 5 skin: 127
Rank 6 skin: 113

Girl skin : 41 and 91

Signed Joseph Shakur Gang name: The Los santos criminals)]]]

2 Re: Joseph Shakur on Sun Oct 16, 2011 7:09 pm


Gang Accepted

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